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CFS/FMS Symptom Analysis Program

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The CFS/FMS Symptom Analysis Program is a computer program that can create a treatment plan tailored to your specific CFS/FM symptoms (and lab results if available). It asks a series of questions about your symptoms and analyzes your answers to determine the likely cause of your illness — using the very same evaluation criteria that Dr. Teitelbaum uses with his patients (see what it looks like). Upon completion, it creates a "treatment protocol" (a list of treatments) to specifically address your case that you can print out.

The program is accessed by logging in to our website. After you've completed the list of questions, it will instantly create your custom treatment protocol. This is provided to you as list of all potential treatments, with check marks placed next to those that apply to you.

There are two versions of the program — a free version (recommended for most people), and a paid version for those working with a physician who need a complete medical record.

FREE Short Program

The Short Program is absolutely free to use, but you have to get it through our store check-out process. This is because at one time in the past, we did charge for it. So we had it set up for electronic distribution through our store. We now give it away for free. Unfortunately it is technically difficult for us to distribute the program without using the store. So we simply kept it there and set the price to zero dollars. You will not be charged for it, we will not add your email address to any sort of mailing list, and we will not give your email address to anyone else. This is 100% free with no tricks or hidden anything. To get the program, all you need to do is go to the store page for it, add it to your cart, and go through the store checkout steps.

The Short Program takes 20-30 minutes to complete.

Why Do I Need It?

In 2001, Dr. T completed his second landmark research study showing that CFIDS and FMS are completely treatable (the first study was published in 1995 in The Journal of Musculoskeletal and Pain; the second study was published in 2001 in the Journal of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). The study also showed that multiple health problems occur in people with CFS/FM. It is crucial to thoroughly evaluate each case and to treat all of the underlying associated diagnoses simultaneously. It is essential to create a unique, personalized treatment program for each patient to follow. The process of evaluating the associated diagnoses of your CFS/FM has been simplified into Dr. T’s online program.

Non-Prescription Alternatives

Both programs now offer non-prescription alternatives for most treatments. So the treatment program can be done on your own! We invite you to choose the program that feels best to you.

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